502 Bad Gateway?


What does this mean?:


That happened to me to? @admins


It means there were 502 gates and all of them were bad


If there is heeps of gates, who knows how many fences and the cost of it al


If there were heaps of gates*, all*

Stop. Grammar time! (It's a gif)


502 bad gateway?, should ai clear the way for the gates to get threw?


its because @system thinks your a bad guy because it's glitching and theres 502 gates so you make 501 duplicates and run through all the gates


That happened to me yesterday...


I though it was a prank!


That got flagged as inappropriate
But what so inappropriate about it?


Saying that I was a criminal, you shouldn't say that


Lol ikr

I got carried away


And when did I say you were a criminal? O.O


That happened to me a few minutes ago except it was on the whole page! The website was down


Me too! I had to use a link on the web to get here!


I tweeted about this and apparently they know about the issue and are trying to fix it:


Who carried you away?


Ih build snowman please please please could you contact Liza and the hopscotch team please???? They need to push all of my projects out of the filters if they don't do it nobody will ever see my projects again! Please!!! @liza please!