500 followers! We gotta celabrate



Hi me vortex again now befor we get in to this is that i will have another "compain about hopshoch" poll wich is a little rude but still respect of what we got

Sup guys me vortex here and we hit 500 followers now i dont want br- some randome person dude your at 525... Oh well now thats no exact but closer to 530 like i was saying i do not want brag sense some people mistaken that last time but im sooooooo proud for all the suppourt im getting im relly trying to get the intire game fineshed by fall

  • We want a message system
  • We want a groups system
  • We want a odd goole hangouts like thing idk
  • We want hopshoch on android and widows and what not


Choose up to 4 options

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Btw for elpisy people wanting to play frost


500 followers that is CRAZY!!! U r awesome


500 followers?! Woah congratuverylations!!!


The odd part is I've never been featured


Meh, it's not all about how many Features you have — it's about how awesome you show yourself to be :wink:


Wait, how do u know? I wanna know how many followers I have :3


I have like 70 something idk


Well first it might be a little to late for but what I did was I made a little clicker thing with python on my PC but recently sense activity is being deleted if hopschoch ever makes a update that shows how many followers it should probably start when its added, it should be way off