50 days on the forum! (Scratch that, I'm now at 100 days!)


The title says it all! (woot woot) XD
I was just looking at my summary and then I realized---
dun dun dun...
I've been on the forum for 50 days! Well, I guess that's not a lot..but still!
I mean, I started the forum as a noob who asked too many questions, and with no knowledge whatsoever, and look at me now!
I'm now a kind of experienced person who asks (a little) fewer questions, with some knowledge! XP
So, happy hopversary to me!
Bye! :smiley:

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I've been on fa Forum fir…
…drumroll plz!

100+ DAYS!


finally a reply


Thank you!
Congrats! Happy hopversary!




I made that up! Oh my brilliant ideas!


And I made up da word Hoplympics. @EnchantedAnimallover used it in her Hoplympics topik lol.:smile:


Yup! And I made up the new Hopscotch Language! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/new-hopscotch-language/21692
Ancscotch ouyhop eadrscotch histscotch?


Congratulations on this wonderful landmark! :D


Congrats on this!!! Happy 50th day!


Congratulations! I have been here for... idk days :slight_smile:


Thank you! Imagine what it will be like on my 500th day!


imma waffle


You've been on for 137 days! That's a lot!


I have 283 days until I reach that landmark. :D


You mean until 500 days? Yeah it's a lot...


Yes, but I hope I will reach it. :) I also hope you will reach it too and many other hopscotchers! :D


Congrats on 50 days! You'll get Regular soon! :smile:


I need to read a lot more posts for that I think! How many do you have to read for the requirements?