5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Hip hip hurray!


missed you too. might come back.


Oh everybody is sending you anni gifts and I need to step up or I’ll be a terrible friend


I am going to an event tomorrow, and I made a Sub To PewDePie banner. I plan to go up to every person and tell them to sub to Pewds

(Totally off topic, sorry)


Hah. Please do dude!
Now we need neon and the gangs back together…


Lol thank you CoM :))


How was your anniversary?


Well… if you insist :wink:


I do thank you.

But srsly we need neon back

@xxNeOnDraGoNxx come baaaaaccckkkkk


Pretty great actually, thank you.
Everyone was super nice and kept spamliking me so that was sweet ig
(Thx for the extra 200, @TheDrawer :)) )


That’s awesome! You have been on Hopscotch for a long time now!


Thanks so much! :grin:

I’m not sure if you already fixed the problem, but I’m pretty sure there’s a way to change the thumbnail. I’ll see if I can figure it out.


No, really thank you dude it’s an honor. You too, tysm @SmileyAlyssa :blush:

And thank so you much for that, because I haven’t been able to fix it yet


Yeah lol it is. I have lol


I know this is 3 days late, but happy anniversary!!


Same here, happy anniversary :blush:


I still can’t figure out a way to do it, so maybe you should email THT? Or I can ask if you want


Thanks gobli :))

U too 1234Lillian


It’s okay, thank you. I’ll email them :slight_smile:


@FearlessPhoenix wot is up m8?