5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Oof brb


lol nah you’re cool ty

I only get it as one compressed notif so it’s not kiIIing my notifs



ok im out of likes now, sorry :((


Lol nah ur cool tysm tho TD!!


Ok Tv is back heheheeh


Very very pretty .
Very gae why am I like this lol?


You sound half evil and I don’t know what to feel about this


do you want me to draw you something once i get home :o


Idkk if u want too ig idk u don’t have to tho


I’m just bored and I wanna go home


ok do you want a certain request or smth


Nah not really im I got a heckton of spamlikes and wishes and a couple drawings so that’s more than enough heh


Lol yeah I get that

The three of us should do a wb. I’d post if they weren’t banned oof


Oof yeah. they were great until buIIies, trolls, clearing, impersonations happened…


Yeah hah they really were

6 said he woulda made a giant one for my anni or smth where people write stuff and draw idk.

Oof imma go take a nap cyall in a couple hours (if I remember to come on lol)


Ok cya later


I can’t even do an all-nighter lol


Lol I can’t make it past 3am


I can’t make it past 12-1 am