5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Yes lol u have this was before that so


I have another account that at least has member I think but I forgot the password


@Petrichor please give me more likes i need to spamlike Fea


I’ve gtg or I’ll end up like my other account and be out of likes for 23 hours.


Oh wow only that much? @Petrichor come spamlike Fea
Wish I hadn’t forgotten the password to MiracleShoutouts, then you could get 200 more lol
Already ran my bro out of likes… but I can spamlike you on Hopscotch lol


Oh for the love of flowers guys

You’re killin meh


Good :slight_smile:

You must die of love


Wait I don’t think Petrichor can give people likes for their own accounts lol


Now im running out of likes hhhh




No lol but he has 100+ accs that he gives you 100-200 likes with and kiIIs ur notifs with so


Not to mention JonnyGamer and all his alts too lol


I feel so loved that he doesn’t do that for me, but whatever I guess lol


I love it lol.
Only thing is that the flowers should be gae rainbow (jk)


Ooh ima go do that


I’ll do that to u sometime I promise

A hug good till then?


Metals of hugs


Oh jeez now TD’s in on the spamliking gig ahhhh @Petrichor get over here and our old clzn gang is all here


** gives a Metal of hugs to tv **


sorry if it’s annoying btw, it’s the only thing i can really do rn because of school