5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Lol i shall get into my bro’s account today


I haz sent spamlikes


Happy wopscotch anniversary


Oh darn my handwriting went wonky XD


Oh meh gosh that’s epic thank. You so much tankt it’s really great I wow dude just tyyyy


No lol it’s fine I love it ur handwriting is rly neat and great toooooo




12 pm unless you’re in China or somewhere in that area. But last time I checked, you were in the same time zone as me.


Yeah pm lol sorry I’m tired hah

We’re in the same time zone rn I think but otherwise I have pst cuz I moved


I’m in eastern.

You moved to Pacific Time? Ugh, not you too. I need to find more friends that aren’t 3 hours behind me.


Yeah I’m in ur time zone for a vacation but I moved to pst last summer so

Loll. Ik Dylan and Tankt and Apricity and smishsmash are in ur time zone. Petrichor is an hour behind u


Which time zone is 6 in? You’ve confused me XD
Plus, you weren’t on here last summer


There are A LOT of HSers that live in Virginia…so they’re all in my time zone.


Est with me because i convinced his peeps to let him come with me (not very hard to do heh)


Hi I’m back and ready to once again spamlike



Oh no I’ve already gotten 1.3K spamlikes today I think that’s enough lollll

But go ahead if u want cuz it doesn’t clog up my notifs (29 "Good Reply"s do tho lol but whatev :joy:)


Only 1.3k???! You need far more than that i gtg spamlike you—


Oh NO i ran out of likes ;-; ill have to continue in… 39 minutes


Well, I mean, between 3 of my accounts, I’ve given you at least 450 or so

@Petrichor, initiate spam likes


Oh dear

If you wanna double that ask Petrichor he’s given me that many before at once lol