5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



#queerios is probably one of the best things that happened here this year lol


awww that’s nice to know… I’ve not been online for a few days cuz finals are going on and yaah


:)) yeah ofc I did np dude. I hope finals are going well


queerios indeed


yeah they are. I’ve just got like 4 exams left. and i played your project and i LOVE the pixel art!!! what animal is it? like a cat?


oh wait really? it already feels so long ago wow…

but that’s good! today is about you not me


I’m glad!
Awww ty. Yeah it’s a panther. Kinda like my PFP but minus the Green eyes (pixel art has blue), the scårs and the swirls lol


Yeah it really does feel like forever ago

Lol well not really

Hhhhhh I gtg cyall later I’ll be back soonish maybe (I’ll be on for the better part of the day today so)


and dude. 5 years is a long time. i was 7 when u joined ig. now I’m 12. my birthday was on the 13th. (of feb)


oh bye fea!!

i’ll be on a lot today so see you later!!

have fun


Man yeah it really is lol. I was like 8 or 9 or smth hah



aww man you’re 6 months older than me :confused:


i thought u were older lol

by the way what time is it where u live?


yeah i’m a young 12.

it is… 6.:36 am. why do you ask?


just like that. because fea said that they’ll be on for the better part of day so yah here its 5:15 pm lol


Lol nice r u in India? That’s pretty coolio.

I’m in Apricity’s time zone rn (visiting relatives)


oh cool!

wait why were you on 5 hours ago… you need to SLEEP


Happy anniversary Fea!
You deserve all the cake in the world!



Is ThIs A cOmPlEtE sEnTeNcE


Happy 5th HS Anni @FearlessPhoenix

I am so tired, and hjtezbmpyjuogxrtdkfcukjrmtvgvrkfkguh