5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Eh it’s fine…


the project is amazing! i love it
happy anniversary!!


WhOA actually? Dude tysm really ahhhhahahahh
Thank you!!


Thats a pretty long time! Gg


Thank u so much for the shout out! I’m glad u enjoyed it :)


Heh yeah it is


No problemo you totally deserve it dude hhhhh ofc I loved it


Happy 5th anniversary to the best Hopscotcher in the world!


And thank you so much dude! Really tysm it means a lot :)) (and is not true but ill accept a compliment for once heh)


Lol Thanks for the spamlikes @Apricity


cough i’m not here idk what you’re talking about

but seriously happy anniversary you’re amazing


Happy 5th year anniversary


Yes u are Apricity lol

Ty dude seriously


Ty dude means a lot


I feel really, really, really old now loll


i’ve been here for a little over a year and no one noticed me

feel happy that we all care about you


so, are you like back? you were gone for a lot of time : (


Ehh maybe maybe not.

Yeah I know I wasn’t. Nice to see u tho I missed u


i guess the people on a coding club and a safe place did? …



I did. I think I welcomed u actually

Yeah I am I really am