5 Year Hopscotch Anniversary!



Heyy guys.
It’s my 5th HS anniversary today. Everyone kept telling me it was a big deal so here’s a topic I guess lol.

Thanks to everyone for the compliments and wishes and stuff, it really means a lot. @FearlessFriends thank u guys for every kind thing you’ve said to me and just otherwise for being there and being 1000000% awesome in every way. Thanks for the drawing @Madsie05 it’s really epic dude just tysssmmm. Ur rly great dude u really are . Tyssm to a bunch of other people too; @Chickengirl ur epic too, @ItzMya ur one of the coolest pople I know and ur just great 111/10, @Silverdolphin I don’t think we’ve ever really talked but I’ve seen u around and ur really epic and I’m glad I could be influential to u ig lol. @tankt2016 @HardcoreHufflepuff @coderofmagic @apricity @sarcastictvhead and everyone else in that collab – thanks you so very very very much it really meant a lot and y’all almost made me cry it was that epic I don’t really have any words just thanks u ty ty ty tttyyyyy + ily guys

I love all of y’all very very much and y’all are all epic and special in your own way so keep being u and being epic.

Here’s a project that I made (where the thumbnail doesn’t work but oh well)

Next post will be a wiki where y’all can edit in stuff if u want I guess.

Thank y’all very very much again and I’ll see y’all around (special 5 yr anni surprise I guess – I’m back for the day)

@omtl @pomtl (don’t yell at me, I did post a project too lol)


Edit in stuff for me under the line I guess lol

ILY!!! -@SarcasticTvHead
Haven’t seen you in a year (bad pun ha ha). Welcome back! -Awesome_E

Hi FP!! I missed you! I hope that you have a great anniversary and keep being your amazing self! -CTS

Fearless, you’ve been one of my role models for a long time. I wish I could express in words how awesome you are. You really don’t have to 100% agree with someone to admire them and know that they’re amazing.

you’re amazing!! im trying to draw you something but it might be late :((((
You are so cool!! Happy anniversary-BabyButterfly
Fea, I look up to you like a big bro and you’re amazing! -HH


The return is real, hi first reply The profile remains hidden


Hey uh @hopscotch-curators d’ya guys think you could maybe fix the thumbnail problem on my anni project? The link is in the top post. Thank you!!! !!

Also, Madi, if u see this, tysssmsmmmmm for the follow it rly means a lot hhh tyyy

Edit: tagging @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa on their actuall accs


Maybe they can, maybe not. They can edit JSON, but the thumbnail file idk. If they can, then it can be fixed. Otherwise, you will have to republish


I tried republishing and I also tried remixing and publishing that. It still doesn’t work and since it has bold text and clones and stuff, the clones and everything they do when I hit the publish button disappear. The pixel art is mostly made by clones so that dissapears and the text gets un-bold when I hit the publish button. Otherwise, in the project when I play, everything’s works fine the way it’s supposed to


idk what is happening on your side but for me it works just fine


Idk dude irdk. And I think I have the latest hs too.


Can u redownload the app and try?


Hmm yeah okay I’ll try that ty

@SarcasticTvHead nope didn’t help rip


Could it just be your device?


Nope i tried for 2 different devices ://
Anyway LGBOT i guess.
Im I asked HC so they’ll prob be able to do smth about it?


Ok, yeah maybe? Who knows


Happy Anniversary Fea ily bro :black_heart:


Ty 6 ily too bro.
Also ty for the spamlikes ig lol


oHH and 6, look in my project. 6th text object for 6th set of lines

Shout out to my bro 6 for being epic


Happy 5 year anniversary! Ur a great friend to everyone here! Good job for being a great Hopscotcher, Fea!


Tysm Peril!!!
It means a lot really ty

Ur super epic too!!


Grrr i dont like being tagged


Whoa whoa it’s only Fea tagging you…