5 More Days Till A Lot Of Peoples 1 Year Anniversary!


This is the count down!!!!!!
5 Days till it for me and a lot of other peoples.


there is already a topic for this...SBYP​:wink::wink: @Phase_Admin


Gimme the link then @SimplySouthernGurl please.


I'm assuming this is the topic:


This is a countdown topic.


This is fine, because there are a ton of people for August 6


ok @PopTart0219 <|dndndndndndndn>


1 More day till August 6! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
@PopTart0219, can you make this to be closed by tomorrow night when it turns midnight? Isn't their a setting for that?


cool, anniversary thing tomorrow

yeah I'll make it close at midnight eastern time


Ok thank you. It will be midnight for a lot of people already. LOL


okay there

I think I did it right but


Thanks, if you did it wrong then I will just ask @Kiwicute2016 for yelp


probably did do it wrong


Yaaaaay! I am going to get my anniversary today!


But It Might Take A While For The Forums to recieve.
@PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, @Anonymous, @BuildASnowman, plz reopen this.
I didn't get my badge yesterday.


Mines in a few minutes

But exactly 365 days? In a few hours.

after I sleep of course lol...


lets count down to disky's badge lol


oh that's me


For me it's one day after! I can't believe it!


11 minutes... :00000