5 hopscotch wishes 2



So the other 5 hopscotch wishes got closed so here is mine! I would wish for

All bullyin.g to stop

A bunch of new sounds (guitars violon ect.)

Cloud data!!

Draw your own charecter

And more charecters!


1 Everyone to be happy
2 pusheeen
3 pusheeen
4 pusheeen
5 pusheeen


I would wish for
Everything you guys said
All of it
Just that
What you both said


cloud dataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
same as first
same as first
same as first
touching color [] block


Off topic but...
Why is your profile picture shows sad looking? :frowning:


Oh! I got a dare to change all of my things that are Smiley to something sad for three days.


So change your name on hopscotch to cryingAlyssa!


Cloud data
Better filter
Moar sounds
When ___ touches trail
And finally,


Are there any more Hopscotch wishes?