5 Club Work Chat! TF🔥,V⚡️⚡️⚡️,US,Gilbert, AHC😀,CG, and SF!



Would anyone like to start some kind of coding club with us?


can I join?


That would be cool! We could make an account where we can work on whatever!


@crazygoat Sure! We have to set it up first though
@Gilbert189 I could set up the account soon and I think we should accept like 5 or 10 people


I'd say 5. We don't want TOO many.


K if @Follow4LikesOfficial comes we definently accept him right?


@Gilbert189 what should we call the club?


Sorry for barging in have some ideas
The kind-doers
the order of the pig
Final countdown
Ghost busters
the club
Hopscotch productions


1- Yes.
2- Maybe the "5 Club", or just the "Code Club"?


5 club...
sounds cool!


I like 5 Club too! More Characters


Okay! So, should you make the account, and then you can email us the username and password? Then we could each publish a project about each of our members!


Then we start coding whatever, it could be a mix!


@Stampys_fans do you want to join


Y not????????????????


I'll make it now :+1::+1::+1:🙃:yum:🤓🤔:slightly_smiling::sunglasses:


Email pass?, or what?


Are u guys okay to share your emails on here or more?


Mine is (Kapow) without the space.


Do you like 5 Club or 5 Crew better?