403 Forbidden is everywhere, help?


I did search before posting, but nothing helped.

On my iPad, if I try to like, post, or do anything "403 Forbidden" always pops up. (I'm on my iPhone). I've tried restarting my iPad, closing and opening safari, and nothing works. I tried to log out but the button doesn't work. I would clear my browser history of cookies (I think that's something I read to do???) but parental restrictions won't let me.

Please help???


That's really weird. Not sure what to do...


This may because of Wi-Fi restrictions, if you have mobile data then you can start up a hotspot or just use your phone. If not maybe ask a friend?


I got a weird message on the forum today when I tried to log.


403 forbidden? That sounds funny. Have you tried using hopscotch on a different device? Maybe that will work..........I looked it up, and it means that the page you want to access is absolutely forbidden for some reason. It's practically saying "Go away and never come back" . I'm looking on lifewire.com, and it says

 1.Check for URL errors
 2.Clear your browser's cache
 3.Log into the website
 4.Clear your browser's cookies
 5.Contact the website directly
 6.Contact your ISP
 7.Come back later (You've obviously already done this, but still....)

That's what I read at www.lifewire.com


Try logging off and logging back on. It could be some sort of IP glitch.



Please actually read the topic before replying :p


Sorry. I skimmed through. :p

Ask your parents to unblock the clear cookies function. That should fix it up!


Well, I know that 400 is when you already liked the project, but I'm not sure about 403.


If you can try resetting your internet router and see if that works. The 403 error is a website error usually caused by the website not online or they think your ip is bad. It works on your phone because it usually has service which is a different ip


I fixed it!

Apparently my cookies got messed up, so I couldn't log into any websites or do anything.