403 forbidden! How to solve it


I've emailed hopscotch, "no idea", tryed logging in with discourse,"nope", tryed getting an email for discourse, can't find one, (if your wondering discourse is what powers this forum) ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: to make this not come up and appear make sure you have cookies not blocked in safari.


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Whaaaa??? (Dang it @seawolfwerehorse, you beat me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


It's an error that comes up sometimes... Half glitch half my fault.... All I'm saying is that it took me 17 days to find how I could fix it.... So I'm posting something to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.


You couldn't do ANYTHING on forum, I was itchying to answer. I don't want this to happen to anyone else.


Oh, so that's why you were offline for 2 weeks straight... :sweat_smile:


Correct! :smile: at least someone got it!


YAAAAAAY!!!! @Isaacwotwot is back!!!!!!! You still want to be in Phase Studios? Right?


Definitely! :smile: is there a new account?


Np, we aren't going to have an account for it. While you were off, their were some "hacking" incidences.


Oh...... I haven't been gone for that long have I? Has there been another one since MK37C got hacked?


Yep, on MK38C, a different one but same people.


A hack on MK38C? (Btw should we make a what's new? Post?


I will make it.