4 new characters


I found 4 new hopscotch characters



Characters were the ones I found



They look awesome, where did you find them?


How did you find them? Where are they?


I found them on the internet


But do you have them on Hopscotch? That's what it sounded like


Oh sorry
About that


S'ok! I misunderstood!


Hi @Lalayolo I think those characters might have been made by the artist who drew the Hopscotch characters!

I heard that some original characters didn't make it onto the final Hopscotch and there are pictures of them you can find on the Internet, but I'm not sure if these characters were those :hushed: they look cool though!


Where did you find these characters online?


I have some characters just a minute


@t1_hopscotch that's what Ian from hopscotch told me. They are draft characters!