3x5 piano keyboard video



Hi :blush:
I decided to try screen recording making this project:

Some notes

  • I forgot there was Clone ID variable :sweat_smile:
  • the screen recording doesn’t have the sounds of the instruments
  • it’s worth noting I’ve tried making this a few times before & also I don’t know latest best practices in Hopscotch

PS, you can embed your Hopscotch projects on the forum (scroll down to the end of the project page, click Share and then copy the code from embed). THT can turn off iframes if it affects things though :+1:

Thanks :relieved:


Cool Project! Also hello again! I didn’t know that THt had Discourse develop a Plugin to allow screen recordings of Hopscotch videos on the forum! Well at least that’s what it seems like!


That’s cool!


AHHAHAH t1!!! we miss you!

Yup, like this (Warning: Lag)

Odd bug: tilt does not work in this, and emojis are inconsistent between iOS 10 and 11

<iframe src="Link Here" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


You can also use this 144 week old piano if you need

Another odd bug: Tap the "H" button that is supposed to open the link. I taps randomly around the project


Oh that’s nice. I was hoping they’d let you do that eventually.


Cool tutorial!
Also, welcome back, and congrats on becoming a curator and an intern! (If you are still an intern. Somebody said they didn’t think you were anymore.)


Yes! That’s incredible!
I need to get iOS 12..


I agree with others above. Cool idea and tutorial!

Also, welcome back! Thanks for letting me know about the iframe trick as well. It doesn’t seem too smooth though, sadly.


That’s reallly cool! Nice trick.

Welcome back! (If you are back)