3rd Riddle now started (ThinBuffalo guess is closest so far)



What is this a pic of?


lefirst! I'll take a look!


is that the archery thingy? the target...wait I think it's called the bullseye idk


a submarine ?


What? I'm interested! I was just playing video games.


Can i get you to playtest some games i made with ReadyMaker at a later date?
They should run in a standard PC/android browser and maybe the Safari Ipad browser.

When you click the link below with the Safari browser on an IPad, does the App Store automatically pop up and the ReadyMaker app link appear?



Oi I was gonna do da riddle ;-;

Too late.
I'm late to everything...


Wait where's the riddle :frowning:?


A turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtle :stuck_out_tongue:


But your camera angle is correct


What is the camera angle?




A monkey wearing a colorful sombrero! :laughing:


Can I reply please? I think it's hooman wearing colored hat!


Is it a teapot? (2020)


A painted turtle I think not sure but that's my guess


Is it some kind of weird snail?


A pan? Like a frying pan?


It looks like a sort of snail, maybe, or a turtle?


Hmm so the ends are have stripes on them.. I have no idea! Some sort of snail.