3rd place for Olympic contest


Congrats Germany
This is where you will receive ur prizes and requests ( for pixel art, trail art etc.)

Third place ( bronze)
5 likes from @JaggedJeans
Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
Pixel art from @Intellection74
Likes from @bluedogmc-official
A follow from @TheRealBlah
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
A follow from @Nerd4Ever
20 likes from @happyfacegirl

Ppl giving prizes, please make sure to actually give the prizes . Give them to the winners here please

Team members:

Hopscotch usernames:
Silver dolphin
Bb box


My hopscotch username is silver dolphin



Please tell me ur HS username


I have already given you mine !


Yeah sorry. I saw urs after i posted mine


It is ok ! Do all of get all the prizes or on,y a few of us ?


Each team member gets all the prizes listed


Cool ! That is awsome !!!!,!,!,!










Congratulations! :D

Would you like a pixel art, or a drawing? :)

If you would like a drawing, please describe what you would like me to draw. :D

If you would like a pixel art, please post an image of the pixel art you would like me to recreate in hopscotch! (Pls make it medium sized, I'm busy and I don't have time to make huge pixel arts. ;-;)


Can you draw this?


Fr Pixel art plz can it be the Barnsley fc logo ? Or is that to hard .Search it on google I can't get a pic :joy::joy:


Could you make this please

Without the logo though please


My hopscotch username is WinningMonkey
I can't believe we won though


When do we get the prizes?


You should have already gotten them, unless you didn't request yours.


I did

And I didn't get a pixel art

Look I submitted my name


Then just tag whoever you haven't gotten your prize from.