3rd bug a update bug

im having a issue with hopscotch. i use self service because it is a school ipad. hs wont update. i went into a rp and got the message saying: whoops! somethings not right someone made this with a newer version please update. so i reinstall hs not uninstall because i would have to relogin. i WAS on the version where remixes and newest were still on the side but now their on the top. i go into that same rp but the same message appears.


You would have to install the update that went out today to be able to open that project. Are you able to update from the app store?


Omg! Montoya! I love your projects. Also arent you apart of the Hopscotch team or something? Also, would you like to make a collab with me?


Thanks! Yes I'm the product manager at Hopscotch. I would love to make a collab with you but I'm really busy building the Coding Journey right now. Ask me again in a month?


Sure. P.S. Hopscotch Go is my favorite project

School wont let pupils direct upgrade, only Staff can.

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