3D Tutorial: Hopscotch Logo!


Yw!! I'm the best at those...I have great memory


Me too!


This is off topic but I may know you..is your name Jordan ????
Cause I know a person his name is nickname is Jojo


No, my name isn't Jordan. It's Joseph but my nickname is JojoDude!


Oh never mind I thought u were a guy I knew


That's ok! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Revive! I think this could really help newer members on the forum who haven't seen this before!


Hello? Is it against the rules if I use the OMTL again?


Yep, this again! Sorry frens, there just aren't that many tutorials anymore!


I'm sure there's nothing wrong with me using the OMTL again since there have been so many topics deeming it alright as long as I don't spam it!

Hoi guys! There haven't been many people who've seen this so I thought I'd add y'all back 3 months later.




Please put dat enormous post in [details] :0


Good idea @KVJ!

The post is really huge!


Umm... it's not letting me edit it.


Possibly too old :open_mouth:


You could try and ask one of THT for help... they'd probably like this topic :wink:


Probably, I might make a new tutorial on something else 3D, that might get people's attention and I'll be able it edit it xD


Ok, I'll do that!


I can't edit my topic.


Why am I tagged here? :thinking:


O think it's because they can't edit the old topic...
IDK though....better ask @JojoDude


I can't edit my topic for some reason, do you know how to fix it?