3D Tutorial: Basics



This is a tutorial on making 3D objects in hopscotch!

Here I will hopefully teach you the basic idea behind stacking entities on top of each other to get a 3D effect!

First we will be making a 3D emoji!

(I chose the iPhone)

Start by adding a "text"!

Make sure to press "cancel" so the text is invisible!

To start off add a rule "when the play button is tapped: Create a clone"!

Then add another rule "when character is cloned"!

We want to make the clone create another clone until there are 30 entities! So every time a clone is created create another as long as there are less than 30!

Great! Now the will be 30 clones in-game! But all are invisible! That's why we have to set the clones to something! I can be any emoji you'd like, but I chose the iPhone!

Let's see how it looks in-game!

Oh no! All the clone are stacked exactly over each other! To fix that we have to change the y position of every clone so that we can see every one! To do that we have to set every clones y position to 383 + "Amount of Clones"! 383 is half of the screens height... 512 is half of the width! :wink:

Great! Now we can see every clone... But they are to small! Let's change the size to 1250%!

Now it looks way better! Time to show of all of its 3D glory by rotating it! To do that add a "repeat forever" block with set angle to "angle"! :wink:

Now to change the "angle" variable create another "text"! You can name it angle! After that make invisible by setting invisibility to 100%!

Time to add the rule that changes angle! It will increase it when you press the right side of the screen and decrease is you press the left side! To do that add a rule: when the iPad is pressed "check if last touched x is bigger than 512"

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b254e36c1ce83181f032ca9455f1227c77ac5ead.png" width="666" height="500"

Great! Now it will rotate when you press the screen! Time to test it out!

Awesome! You have now created a 3D iPhone! (Or another emoji)

This was the first and most basic 3D tutorial! In the next one will I teach you how to make a 3D hopscotch logo!

If this tutorial does well... :sweat_smile:

What did you think of this one? Was it difficult to understand? Please leave a comment telling me how it was! :wink: Also leave a like for more of these! :heart:

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Cool! I was wondering how you did it


Awesome tutorial! I love all your projects and now, I can finally create 3D things thanks to you!


Yay you made a tutorial about it! Here's what I made:


Thank you so much @MagmaPOP! This is so helpful for me, I was wondering how to do!


Great tutorial! I will make a 3D thing now!


I'm bookmarking this for later use. :yum:


Awesome tutorial, everything was so well explained and clear.


Thanks so much for posting a tutorial on this @MagmaPOP! I've learnt a lot from looking at the codes of your projects and thanks for explaining this.

Just one very small thing though, I think the middle of the screen is technically 384 as the height of the screen is 768 (nice even numbers to work with). It's very minor though. Thanks again!


Guess almost all of my projects have the wrong y positions... Heh! :sweat_smile: @t1_hopscotch


@Rawrbear Same! FILLER TEXT


What is that red button in the top left corner?


It is the record button if you have a newer IPad, so any IPad that was created in the past 1 or 2 years @Huggingfluffybear.


It's a record button, and yay 6 likes for this post!


I will make a YouTube video for this and give credit to you @MagmaPOP! I suggest using the app Skitch for editing your post to add anotations, it is much easier to learn from that! I am a HUGE fan of your work to @MagmaPOP.


OK thanks! Does the newer iPad come with any other features?


SO MANY YOUTUBERS!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I know, but it is so helpful @Rawrbear!


Isn't it? I can't like your comment right now, so I am replying. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Tysm for making this tutorial magmaPOP! Now everyone can make 3D stuff!