3D shapes that are made with squares


Hi!I want to know how do you make a 3D thing using those black squares!(I know that there is a tutorial for it,but I don’t wanna make a hopscotch logo)So can anybody tell how it works?


Have a look at this. Just do what I did and modify the code to suit your needs.


@TeamEXAngus posted a good project to get you started with this. You could also check out my profile, I have some code for a 3D Trail Art Cube somewhere.


This is an older topic but MagmaPOP explains how to make 3D emojis (if that interests you as well): 3D Tutorial: Basics
What TeamEXAngus posted will likely be your best bet at figuring it out.


I’ve seen the that topic.


There is also this one that has a 3D effect: