3D Platform in Hopscotch — Topic



Unfortunately the code for this version was overwritten and lost (which apparently can happen if you’re accessing the same project with multiple devices)


That why I have at least 50 backups of Twisty Arrow at various stages in my drafts…


3D framewor𝗄 (faces) 1.0:

This 3D ”engine” is capable of easily setting up scenes/objects made out of cuboids and regular Hopscotch sprites and text. It renders 3D faces using the set width/height block (Face rendering developed by ThinBuffaloSr).

How to create objects

Objects are made out of several cuboids.
Before creating a cuboid, you need to define the properties of it. There are 9 variables you can set:

After setting all these (you only need to set them in the beginning and when they change) you add these two rules:

That is all you need to do to create a cuboid.

Some scenes made using the 3D engine:

Props to you if you know who the first character is.




Thanks! I’m still working on the post, and i’ll upload the project in a while.


Awesome! That is amazing! It’s been many years and things are still being discovered!


Very cool. Definitely will check it out!


We can create awesome voxel art now! This is amazing, @CreationsOfaNoob!


Game changing!


Astounding! Breathtaking! Capital! Daring! Elaborate! Fantastic! Great job.


Hollow Knight? I think…may be wrong


You win 47 Geo.


Nice feature


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Wow! Amazing job. This really proves the limitless capabilities of Hopscotch once again.


I might make a game similar to fez with this