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Wow! Sweet!

3D physics coming sooon :joy:

I’m currently playing around with 2D matrices
Then I’m going to add some physics to them, and then I’ll start working on some 3D

I’m pretty excited :smile:


Sounds great!

About 3D physics… Look at this:


Nice! I saw that, that one is amazing!

I really want to make die that bounces around, but it’ll have some extremely complex math and matrices


That’s when you go to wikipedia :laughing:



Oh wow, thank you so much! I’ll read through those!
My dad is also going to give me a tutorial on coding 3d physics

Matrices are a lot easier on python, it seems like in Hopscotch your have to write it all out in long hand. It takes a while


Woah this sounds amazing!


Thank you! :smile:
I can’t wait to publish it (oops I meant the isometric one)

(I’m still learning 3d matrices)


That’s pretty cool
Add some resistance trails to it

You honestly got to be kidding me…


I am honestly not kidding you.



Well, it’s great you’re on the Internet, but you know… Wikipedia is edited and false info is in it… the real stuff would be on unedited websites.

Also, like when you move you can’t pass a certain point, like a mathematical number representing certain points you can’t walk through.


Yeah, I know. For this kind of stuff though, it’s useful. Partly because you could hardly ”fake” those formulas, and partly because this kind of stuff is probably visited often enough that people would notice stuff that’s wrong.

There are non-mathematical numbers? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I could do that. I was thinking of adding physics to the blocks aswell.


I haven’t looked at the code and I can’t, unfortunately
But some type of reference to the trails is what I mean, to evaluate.


People always say Wikipedia is in credible, but that be incorrect because unless if they are certified, it will get changed back almost immediately. Also the Moderators regularly change the back to their original from.
And even if you don’t want to read the facts they have tons of sources



3D Platform v.2.9
This update focuses on optimizing the code and simplifying usage of the framewor𝗄. Note that this version is branched from v.2.1 and not v.2.2.

• Doubled maximum framerate (using code from ThinBuffalo)
• Changed ”default objects” to use less code
• Removed unused variables
• Categorized variables

Different categories of variables have different emojis.

:heavy_multiplication_x:️: Variables that should not be changed
:no_entry:️: These are to be deleted

:cinema:: Camera variables
:1234:: Object position
:art:: Visuals like color and width (for lines) or size (objects)
:eight_spoked_asterisk:️: Quick Setup variables. Used with the abilities with the same emoji
:gear:️: Different settings
:left_right_arrow:️: Non-boolean settings

Most un-categorized variables are used in the 3D calculations.

A better documentation of the usage of this will come.

To be added (in v.3.0):
• Colored surfaces
• More abilities for easy use
• Clean up variables
• Manual (not in the project)



Added colored faces. This feature is not complete yet.

To be changed (in v.1.0):
• Fix faces
• Add more abilities for easy use
• Clean up variables
• Add manual (not in the project)


I got a 404 when clicking on the link, unfortunately. Is it because the project is unpublished and only works if you open it in the Hopscotch App?


Yeah. Seems like it’s inpossible to save unpublished projects as drafts now too :/


Opening the link works for me. Though it just launches the app.

Good progress on shading surfaces. Do you see an elegant solution to the problem of Z order rendering?

The only option I keep coming up with is massively inefficient (numerous rules for each object employing lots of global variables and huge nested conditionals to work around the lack of lists/arrays).


The link worked now and the colored concept seems awesome! I got this weird “blobs” under the colored surface though:

I noticed that in the beginning of the project for like half second. When I got under the surface and looked up, I got this bug again. Other than that, I can’t wait for the launch!