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Hi! This will be the topic in which I post updates for my 3D projection platform in Hopscotch.

Latest version:

This topic will also be for discussing the project, and you can ask any questions you have about it here!

If you want to make games using this platform, feel free to do so as long as you give credit!

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Let’s say this is version 1.1.
This version makes objects look a bit better — they are now rotated depending on where you are.


This is amazing, great job :+1:


Woah, so deserves game changer. This would be VERY advanced coding, but maybe make some sort of movable 3D Game. Have you ever heard of Bendy And The Ink Machine? I’m not saying you have to do a horror game, but maybe some mystery or a finding game. BTW your coding mind boggles me, it is so CONFUSING!!! Also, thanks for being my idol in Hopscotch, one of the only main reasons I checked, was for one of your new games. You are basically the KING OF HOPSCOTCH!!!:crown::octopus:


May you check my remix of it? I’m too lazy to retype that.


Yeah, I just saw it. It’s not very user-friendly yet, but I’m working on making it easier to use. For very basic settings and pre-made functions, check the object “Layout Configurations”.

Other than that, some simple tips are to use clones, since each object only draws on line. The self variables A x, y, z and A2 x, y, z define the two end points of a line. The platform also has support for objects such as texts and characters.

Copy the object “3D Template” to add stuff. It’s basically just all the 3D code that is needed.


This project is just so amazing and so cool. Like I already have said, this is amazing coding that does deserve game changer.

That is cool! Maybe you could make a documentation for this project on the forum. I could help you write it you want.


Ok. Thanks.


You certainly put a lot of work into your project.




Post about this in another topic:


That is SO COOL!!! CreationsOfANoob is awesome.




This is version 2.0

The basic 3D is now fully functional, after fixing how the trails show when they are behind the camera.


Looking awesome! I can tell this’ll be super rad!


Version 2.1 : All the 3D code is now in a Custom Rule, making it easier to understand and move around.

What do you think about the labelling of the Custom Rules? Is it easy to understand?


Cool! This will make it a lot easier to understand and develop games using your platform! Great job!


Version 2.2 : Added blocks. These have only there sides but rotate when the player moves around them. This gives the impression that they are solid and helps avoid lag.

What do you think about this?


I’m about to nominate it for featured