3D Pixel Art With Emoji's


So, I've looked @MagmaPOP's code for his 3D Mario and I'm confused a little. I did it but it's not 3D, doesn't spin around nor is it as tall. So, @MagmaPOP where did you start and there are a lot of lines but I'm sort of lost. Thanks!


So just one thing to think is that even MagmaPOP could not do that alone he needed the hopscotch teams help so I think he clones it and stacks it and some way and I forget how to turn it I think just forever turn 2 degrees!


I could use a 3D Mario. One I finish my 3D emoji adventure I will recreate it to be a mini Super Mario 64


I know that's why I'm sticking with Photoshop and the way I know how to make 8-bit things. Why do you all call it "pixel art" when it's nothing but 8-bit when it comes down to it? 8-bit games are the best games hands down. I have never heard the word "pixel art" until I joined hopscotch in which I'm completely lost because I code the hard way and the not so user friendly syntax way and these blocks are mind blowing at least they are to me. ps: check out this but ONLY IF YOU ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST. Therefore while you ask just play like there is a 3 second button that says something along the lines "press this while you go ask" so you won't get in trouble. It's this awesome site that is 8-bit and you can dress your character up.


High five! :smiley::hand:


The link doesn't work, I can't click on it... :confused:


Oh wow but check out @MagmaPOP's 3D Mario. It's pretty awesome and for a while I thought he was an Adult maybe college age until I saw him Remix a project and answered a question and he learned about Hopscotch at school. His code is awesome and he makes all of this 3D stuff. Just Google MagmaPOP and you will see how many times Hopscotch has tweeted his things out. Hold that 3 second button before you go and ask your parents if it's ok.


I know but it is eightbit.me


Cool. Maybe I can use that...


No, One rule can comtain only so much code... I didn't know that at first, so I asked why it didn't work. They didn't help


Oh okay I thought they did! Btw what are you making right now?


I saw who helped you out and I saw what happened and why it didn't work. Same thing without using blocks and code using what I call easy and what all of you seem to call hard. I think it's ToastRebellion that helped you out. To tell you the truth I'm so used to coding the hard way and that's what I call easy and these blocks is what I call hard.