3D movement help

Hey, @FearlessPhoenix, can you please make a topic for me? Or who?
3D movement
Hello, I need help with my 2.5D thing.

Here’s the link:

To understand what do I mean, please take a look on this project:

I want the flowers to move in the opposite direction of the man. To make the illusion of movement. Thanks!

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Hmmm so something like scrolling?


I can help you, want me to make the code or to explain? @ShevaKadu


Yes of course please! (Thanks)


When the man moves, you could have the flowers move in the direction opposite where the man is facing.
So whatever controls youuse for the man, use the opposite for the flowers. If you want to base it off of an angle, look at this:

If you don’ understand any of that just ask me or someone else.


To make the code or explain?

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I’d like to help, but this isn’t really my specialty.

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Ok so you want me to explain, right? @ShevaKadu

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Yes please! Uwu

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Ok so what don’t you understand?

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I need the code. Maybe you can make a project or better remix this:

Please remix. I need the flowers to move

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K I’ll do it ASAP

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Now that I am completely awake, I realize that this post makes very little sense.

So you can use this set position block:

to make an object move in an angle that it is not facing, but to move it in the opposite angle to another object, you’ll need to figure out that angle. Luckily that is easy since you just need to turn completely around, which is 180°.
For example, if you’re turned 62°, to turn completely around you’d turn 180°, which would end up with you facing 180°+62°. Now if you say that you are facing any angle you want, and something else is turned 62°, and you want to go in the exact opposite direction, then you want to walk in the direction you’d go if you were turned 62°+180°.
But in this case the flowers are “you” and the thing that is facing 62° is the man. But he doesn’t always face this way, so you can’t just put 180°+62°. Luckily, you can get the angle the man is facing by the object variable called rotation. Make sure it is the man’s rotation. Then you just add 180 to that and set the sum as the value of the variable called (self)angle in ThinBuffalo’s post.

Does this make more sense?


Humm…, I think I’m starting to understand… Do I need to change self.angle to man.angle!

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No, self.angle is a variable you set, it needs to be different for each flower.

You use man.rotation (automatic variable) to figure it out though.

Here’s an example. Do you also need the set position block?



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Hi @Electogenius

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