3D Minecraft Game?!



Should I make a 3D Minecraft game? You would play as a creeper trying to blow up Steves! :wink: It would be similar to my helicopter rescue when it comes to 3D!

  • yes
  • no


Here's the creeper!

Mincraft Sneak Up

That sounds really cool! I can't wait to see it on Hopscotch!


Best. Idea. EVER!!!!


@MagmaPOP can I help or test? But YES do it!


I do not really need testing or help right now... I have learned what i did wrong in past projects. like people didn't understand the controls in helicopter rescue easily so i have to make it simpler. @LotsaPizza


Okay @MagmaPOP, I understand! But please do it! Such a cool idea you are my favorite coder ever!!!


I understand the helicopter rescue controls. You make good projects.


Can I be your partner while you make it @MagmaPOP?
Btw I'm a huge fan:smile::smile::smile:


that is a really cool idea! i can't wait for it to come out :wink:


Don't need help right now... sorry @Gabe_N


It's ok @MagmaPOP just ask me when you do need help:wink:


I have no access to my iPad today so the game will be a little delayed...


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If you need beta testers ask me


What do you think about noise localisation? The closer you are to Steve the more ''beeps'' you hear!

  • yes
  • no (other kind?)



That would help. Maybe just a simple "closer" on the bottom, @MagmaPOP, since some dont like that noise (such as me)


What if at the beginning of the game I recommend lowering the volume to 2 or 3 bars? @LotsaPizza
Less distracting that way! :wink:


@MagmaPOP instead maybe Footsteps like they get louder, or have the illusion of getting louder?


I don't think that is possible in hopscotch right now... That was actually my first idea! :wink: @Hoppertoscotch