3D in Hopscotch!?



No, sorry. Links don't work for some reason on my iPad. You can just upload it, I'll save it as a draft and tell you here, and then you can unpublish.





Got it! So, what do you want to happen and what is going wrong?


Sorry, I've got to go now. I'll tell you later.


I've fixed one bug, which was a mistake. I think it would be better if I gave you that version instead. Also, i'm really sorry that this discussion is so outdrawn...


@BuildASnowman, i've fixed a major bug!
I used the Size value to simulate Y position, and then checked if Size<0 to determine if it should draw ground. What is wrong with that is that the Size value won't go below 0, so instead I did check if Size<1, and it works!


What project was this about?
(Or did you not publish it?)


Yeah, it was published. Check COAN’s published section for the “3D text thingy” project (it wasn’t named exactly that, but something similar)


No, this project is actually not published, the 3D project you’re talking about is muuuuch better :D

20fps vs 0.5fps
1024x768 vs 22x22

But if any of you want, I could get you a link to the old one!


@BuildASnowman, if you are still interested in 3D and have HS downloaded, i’ve published a 3D projection test.


:scream: That’s possible!!! No way!!!

Woah, you’re incredible :ok_hand:

Oh, that’s because you edited the project on a computer the J-something


No, it’s a completely different technique :stuck_out_tongue:

Not any of my homemade 0.5fps ones, but a technique that is probably used by most “real” 3D thingamagogs.


Oooh! Cooool!
I can’t wait to see it! That’s mind blowing :clap:


Do you want to see my old 0.5 fps one? :stuck_out_tongue:




Hehehehe 0.5fps :joy:
That’s the one you published, right?




No, that’s the other one XD


You can’t use punctuation in those anymore.


What’s your username?