3D Help, with making a game!


I am trying to make a semi 3D game.

And I was wondering if you peoples know how to make 3D clones change text? Does anyone have ideas?


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I'm not really sure what you are trying to do, can you explain?


XD Thanks!


Hope this helps!



Hmm Thanks! But the terrain will all be the same, when I might need to add trees or a water fall!


Then I'd say make it (a) different object(s), and do this:


The terrain generates from one land object :neutral_face:


Can't you do something like set angle?? There's got to be a way, I know it!


Yes...I think there isa way but what does set angle have to do with it!?


Can I ask you something: what is the forum guide topic called?? I'm trying to show @996655, but I can't find it! :confused:
(He's a friend from school! :wink:)




Is that by any chance Monument Valley?


No...inspired by it though :slightly_smiling:


Oh cool! Can you restate your question? I don't understand it.


I need a way to switch clones to another colour/shape!


make clones from a set text when a variable is 0
when the variable is 1
hide the clones and create new clones from a new set text