3D Grid/Shading!



Hello, everyone! I have invented this new 3D grid drawer on my Quantum9 account! It is pretty cool, and I've just recently added 3D shading to it. This is a must see and I may create a game out of it! :wink: If any of you have requests, please tell me because I really need ideas!
Here's a link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xokxvmzrj


Looks good. Ran out of likes so :heart:


Thanks! here's a picture too! :wink:


COOL!!! You use sin and cos of the middle of the top of the screen to do it, right?


No actually, I used a few variables to substance each line to create the diagonal effect. :wink:


Interesting... I wish I could look at the code :confused:


Uh, is there a bug? Why not??? Me confused....


The Bear can't go on hopscotch, the Bear has lost it's iPad!


@Rawrbear's IPad was taken away from his school. So he can't play Hopscotch, we will always remember him. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh, no! That's a bumber! I can post code for you, @Rawrbear



That's the code for the 3D green shaded background.


Ohhh, that makes sense! This is pretty cool! :smiley:


Thanks! It took me forever to figure out because I tried to do it without variables and that took forever. Anyway, I decided that I could do a simple variable subtraction algorithm, and it worked! I'm going to make a game using it, but I don't have any ideas. :frowning:


It said someone else made this project ps you won my music contest!


Nvm you have 2 accounts!


What does nvm mean?
Btw, I know I won your music contest. :slightly_smiling: When's the game coming out?
Oh, nvm...


Nvm men's never mind!


And probably summer of 2016 I don't know though


@JonnyGamer I love the effect of your grid! I thought, This would look even cooler with a sky, so I decided to remix it using your code :blush: Here's the project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xolnph8ox