3D graphic help


Hi this is GCC.

I’m trying to figure out the basics for 3d code (e.g. like a Minecraft block). A ratio for it would be great, but any help is appreciated very much!

Also, I’m trying to use clones so the editor looks cleaner.

@CodeHelp any ideas on this?


I am gonna leave now




Thought you knew how to use clones


Google some formulas? I really don’t know how to help with this.


I anticipate a general position of SBYP, but…

(repeating a previous response to this question)

It’s far too in depth of a topic to try and repeat all the necessary explanations here, so I’ll point you to a couple external resources

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_projection (see perspective projection, part way down)


@CreationsOfaNoob and I (ThinBuffaloSr on the app) both have 3D projects that you can look through.

And you could look through this topic as well where COAN shares progress on his 3D engine. It also has a good discussion on how to render 3D shapes in Hopscotch: 3D Platform in Hopscotch — Topic


I searched a bit but couldn’t find anything on point, but thanks for the resources.


I’m not really sure how to help with this as I’m best at 3D Trail Art.

Also, I edited the top post to remove content that could be interpreted wrong by younger audience. It might seem a bit silly, and I know that you were just joking, but better safe than sorry.


Ok thanks, I didn’t see it like that

Trail art is possible if it is able to move, I’ll experiment


Did you see that one user with the attic fox brooding?


@ThinBuffalo could you share your code how you make a rotating 3D block?


Like @ThinBuffalo, it’s kinda complicated. It’s like making his original 3D rendering 1.0 or smth like that, but while also setting position


And this is why I quit the forum two years ago. People-I won’t state who-started getting mad at me for some reason and when I came back it was in the middle of its down point. (No offense forum or anyone)


They did?


Yeah a few but I’m not talking anymore bout it.

Hat.e =flame wars=flags=anger=forum shutdown=no good Hopscotch communication=which is bad


I’m not too good at making moving trail art with efficient code, sadly. I’m sorry!


It’s already shared. Just search up ThinBuffaloSr on the app :wink:

Do you have any specific questions?


Is there a simpler way for just a draggable rotating cube? @ThinBuffalo


Not if you want 2 or 3 axes of rotation.

If you only wanted 1 axis of rotation, then I wouldn’t rule out an “easier” method but I’d have to think more about it… Would that be of interest if it were feasible?


Could you do a triangle?