3D games or 2D games?



I’m pretty sure that 3D is better. You choose!

  • 3D
  • 2D
  • :neutral_face:

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I have to say 2d because you can have more things happening


3D requires a lot of processing power so content is quite limited


3D requires a lot of skill. Now, I don’t know how good you are (And you probably don’t know me.), but I would go with 2D.

You can do a lot of things with 2D. And it doesn’t require a lot of coding skills!

I hope this helps!


If you think 3D is better, why did you make this topic?


3D games are really cool, but I chose 2D becuase 3D ones tend to glich a lot more.


To see what other people think!


Is it biased? Maybe. Probably. Yes. Okay fine, it’s biased. Are you happy now?


I mean, it really only matters on whether you like more in your game: appearances (3D) or gameplay (2D).


I code more than I play games on HS, just because it’s hard to make a game of decent quality, so…idk…


Yeah, that’s a good point.


In Hopscotch, 3D is cool, but the language is pretty limited and performance isn’t amazing so definitely 2D.


Was this meant to be past tense? I missed you by 2 minutes!

I prefer 2D because 3D usually requires clones and all the clones have to move in the same direction. I am usually limited to 2D unless it is a 3D FTU figure


Hmm…I think that depends on what kinda game it is.


I think that both options is really good, because both 2D and 3D games can look really cool.




Meh indeed my wise frens fren


So i pick 2D. In 2D, u have more ideas to add into and the coding is easier to do. In 3D, although it will look cool, it requires a lot of coding to do and u wont be able to make more stuff in the project as it may lag your ipad or something. I think it depends on your patience if u want to do 3D( im just advising u). For @EarlyStudios and the rest of the hopscothers


3D would make the FPS lower.

The minimum I try t get while you’re playing a game is 50.