3D game Technology


3D game!!!


The link doesn’t work for me
I’m sure it’s pretty cool, though! :smile:


It works for me? I dont know why it didn’t work for you?


It’s telling me that the page doesn’t exist :/


I cant believe your super Mario mini games your one of my favorite hopscotchers!


Strange? I dont know why?


Haha :joy: Thanks! I appreciate it!
My brother and I are working on a huge game, and it’ll be out real soon! :smile:
I’m happy you like our projects!


It might be the computer I’m using, let me check on a separate device


Thank you so much for coming here i cant wait to see it


Yeah, no problem! :ok_hand: We enjoy it

So I’m on an iPad, and when I click the link it takes me to the Hopscotch app, but it doesn’t show the project :thinking: Hmm

I’ll look up your profile


Ok let me know when your done


Alrighty, I found it
Wow! That looks wicked cool! I can’t wait to see the final product! :smile:

I’ll try this link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z9vhggwg2


Ok, this link works, I think you might be missing the “2” at the end on your link in the first post


Doesnt load for me- goes into the app, but then nothing


This one works I’m pretty sure


@FRENCH_WAVE123 here is how you can edit your post:

Click the small pencil icon, which is right in between “Reply” and "Like"
You can find this on the bottom of your first post, but above my post.

When you click it, you are brought back into your post,and can edit it
Then, to save your edit, just click save in the bottom left corner and then vioala!

(Just add the “2” at the end of your link, hopefully that’ll fix it)


Yeh it does.






That is amazing! Great job.