3D Game in Progress!



I am making a 3D game in hopscotch!

(It's about saving people)
Does it look good? Should I change something? Maybe different colors?


I'm the first one to reply yay ps it looks awesome


I can't wait to see this!


It should be in game changers


Yeah I agree, 3D games take a long time and a lot of effort


I like what you did for the shadows of the helicopter and person! Very cool.


I agreethe person looks awesome


This looks so cool! How do you make 3D objects @MagmaPOP?

Minecraft story mode project colab!

@Stradyvarious, have you seen the drivable Taxi on Hopscotch?


There are two dimensions in hopscotch, x and y. But you can still stack entities on top of each other because newer entities are in front which adds the third one. @Phase_Studios


I think it's done by stacking layers of text objects on top of each other. You create clones that display this:


and put them on top of each other when they're created. When you create heaps of layers of them placed on top of each other, this would look like a 3D cube.

If you put the text objects in different places like this:

█             █

█             █

and stacked them on top of each other, you would get four 3D poles. So depending on the shape of the object you're stacking, you'll get different 3D shapes. I've never made a 3D object and this is just what I've learnt from @MagmaPOP :grin::smiley:

Helicopter Rescue! 🚁
Minecraft story mode project colab!

Just because I've coded longer on Hopscotch, it doesn't mean anything. I'm always still learning :smiley::smile: That's a cool way of making it appear 3D, I don't think I've seen anything like that. I'm a bit confused as to what you mean about the cross bar though? Do you mean like this (but a much bigger shape):


I get what you mean about "coming closer" in the distance and spreading apart when it's closer but not really sure in relation to the emoji. Anyway thanks for sharing 3D tips :smiley:


Ah okay I see @Stradyvarious :smiley:

And the colours look fine @MagmaPOP. The yellow stands out nicely against the blue (well I guess a rescue helicopter is supposed to stand out).


that is AMAZING it looks like the best game in hopscotch history!!!!!!


I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes, @MagmaPOP. I love your colorful, creative and clever work and expect nothing but the best! -oio


i've tried making minecraft with the video game scrolling technique and sizes.but did not publish.:hammer:


Looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:. You may want to change the yellows into reds or something like that. Also, you may want some random little islands so everyone isn't drowning there are people in burning houses and cats stuck in trees and stuff like that. If it's possible :wink: Hope this helped, and sorry if I came on too strong, I just notice little things.


The game is about saving people after a ship wreck... so there will only be water. Also the person will be floating on a draft. :wink: Rescue helicopters are most often yellow so people see them clearly over a blue background like the sky or ocean. Also everything in the game is 3D so adding more stuff is hard... :sweat_smile:


Wow! It looks very cool!


I can't wait! It will be awesome