3D designs and maybe how to incorporate them into hopscotch



On my school IPad, we use an app called 123Design that we can use to make things on our 3D printers. I was wondering if anyone else uses it and if maybe we can make something like this in Hopscotch. I made some things on it. Example:




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We have that app at my school!


We have that app too!


Your class has 3D printers? :open_mouth:


Our SCHOOL has 3D printers so ya...



We do actually have 3D printers. I think it was only announced to my house(people, if that doesn't make sense, don't ask) On day 1s, we sometimes get lessons.


Same here! But I use something called "Tinkercad" for it!


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I use tinker cad too! I have a place called FabLab where you can 3D print stuff, it is amazing! It has a original Super Mario Bros machine and kits that you can make etc!


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They didn't have it last year...


Should I show more examples?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Just a few...




I will close the poll next Friday and the option with the most I will do!


That is a long time! Post them now if the poll says so, they are so cute!! :heart_eyes:


It's... So.... Beautiful!


Ok, I will just wait till i have 20 voters i guess


Here is one I made last night of BB-8


And I made this