3D Cube code. Not wire frame or pen or 2.5D clones



This was done without much effort on my part.
You can tap the arrows to twist the cube.
4 sides of the cube can be viewed.
It's easy to add the same code to twist the cube vertically so all 6 sides can be viewed.
This is not a 2.5D clone stack or a pen drawing or pen wire frame continuously being deleted and drawn like what is seen when you search "Cube"
anyone who wants to use this code or learn from it is welcome.
@oio you can see it's a simple illusion to make.
If I put more effort in I could do this with just 2 squares to have 6 sides able to be viewed.


Amazing! Anyway, it's more like a cube changing color without the other sides. To see what I mean, you can search for "3D cube" on the Internet.
Here is a 3D Cube project.


I know this isn't 3D.
It would look more plausible if i added a vertical twist so all sides can be viewed.
Making a rubiks cube and keeping track of where all the colored squares are on each side of cube would be a massive head ache for me. I don't really like the real rubiks cube toy.
I'll view your posted link when i get my ipad back.


Yeah, maybe you could eventually add it, like a 2.0 version.


Ooohhh... Looks really cool! I'm gonna check this out when I get on my iPad!


When i first joined the forum i asked @Ian if i could post links to Tynker projects i make and discuss how to duplicate the code on Hopscotch.
He said this would be great to do.
So could you please reconfirm that i have permission to do this.