3D City In the Making, Suggestions Please



Hello! I am making a 3D Scrolling City, and I need suggestions on what to put in it. I would also happily add your username to a building or shop or something. Here’s a picture of what I have made so far, and any suggestions?

Thanks! (btw, those buttons below are used to control the screen scrolling.)

  • Maybe you could make like a little neighborhood with just a few houses. On the houses you could put down a hopscotchers name, if they want you to.
  • There could be a town square, where there is like a City Hall, or a Papa’s Bakeria (did anyone get that reference?)
  • Maybe there could be mansions (if you do make mansions, can I have one?)
  • There should be a school, because education is important
  • You could also put in stuff that your city has, like a statue maybe, or some cool land features
    That’s all I really have


Ooh cool!
Maybe add tiny dots or rectangles as cars?
and i doubt you’d put Asgard in but what about Asgard?


Cool! Could you add my username, Hopscotcher :sunglasses::sunglasses: on a Scotch tape store?


Looks cool! I think that you should add what people mentioned above first, and if you need more ideas, tag me!


@ThatEnglishMuffin you can make the scrolling city without the buttons, like, just pressing the screen and actually scrolling, if you don’t know how to, feel free to ask me!


@ThatEnglishMuffin May I do my own city? I know it will be the same idea and all that stuff, that’s why I’m asking.


Oh and congratulations on the feature!


@Rodrik834 Yah of course! It’s a project I meant to share and let it evolve in many ways. Go wild!