3D City Game Collab PEOPLE NEEDED



I wanted to do a Collab with preferably

Maybe if you could @Follow4LikesOfficial @SmilingSnowflakes @AHappyCoder @AvocadoDont @AwesomeBoss24 @SmileyAlyssa @tankt2016 anyone else who wants to join can!

Here are jobs we need

Sound Designer
Idea maker
Character Desginer
And 3 people to work on it


The Lonely Crew

I'm really busy with @Gilbert189's collab, and requests. :D
Thank you for the offer! :D


When you finish that maybe? But you don't have to.


I have heaps of things to work on but I can do a collab with you. I can't believe you want to do a collab with me thanks


This game sounds cool! Tell me when it's ready!


Does anyone want to join this Collab? I am looking for

A Sound designer
A Background Designer
An idea maker
A cool effects maker
And a manager


What do you want me to do?


Umm...Is RubyWolf1 your username for Hopscotch?


It's just RubyWolf☆ What's your username?


Niftynia75 It's the same. Sorry I'm taking so long to get back to you I'm in a Collab eight now


That's ok. I have to go to school soon


Ohhhh...wait do you live in America?


No I don't I live in Australia


Hi! Avichicken here! Can I be cool effects? My username is avichicken


Hey Avi! You can be special EFFECTS?!:smile_cat:


yes i can- what effects do you want me to make?


I need a particle effect
A falling background (circles!)
And a walking effect

Btw the way just put the the pictures on here


And the code too:blush:


Can I manage or background design?


I just looked at your account and YOU ARE AMAZING can you please do Background #awesomecoder