3D Car Simulator- Released (by JojoDude)



Awesome! Thanks buddy.




Could I have a link? I can test it for you.


It was in the top post and the one that POMTL were tagged in but here:



This version was so much smoother and it improved the experience a lot. The old version was not bad, it was good, but I like that you (with help of some other people like @BlastFusion and @ThinBuffalo.) have solved the bugs. Great job :slight_smile:


I’ll have a look at in soon, hold on.


It’s really awesome. 1 tip is that I’d make the other car 3D as well. It just looks a bit ‘off’ with one 2D and one 3D car.


Thanks so much! Can you possibly give a screenshot of your best score to put on the leaderboard? I think I’ll struggle to find five people who want to be on the leaderboard, let alone a “Top 5”.


I had initially planned this. The other cars were 3D and coloured brown (before brown became and option). However, the 3D Car would spawn in normal then become a brown sludge as it moved on screen.

I wish I had taken a screenshot to have shown you but unfortunately, the way this is coded, I can’t get that to work just yet.

Could you post a screenshot of your best score for the leaderboard?


Yeah, I will do that when I have time. Remind me if I forget to post it.


Here’s that reminder :slight_smile:


Here you go. I gave it one try:

The young Hops here have to have better reflexes than this old guy…

Just a note: the When Bumps rule causes lag (the 2D car slows down momentarily) when the objects are close to collision, i.e. when the 2D passes by the 3D car in the other lane. Have you noticed this?

If the When Bumps rule is replaced with a Conditional (“math”) Rule the lag can be avoided. Let me know if you’re interested and want help.


Yeah, that had been my last issue with the game up until now. I didn’t really feel it took away from the gameplay as the car only slows down as it passes you but I’d really appreciate some help with getting rid of that bug!

I also might add some more levels. Looks like it’s too easy for you @ThinBuffalo :stuck_out_tongue:


:wink: I don’t think I could have gone any faster.

To fix the lag, you’ll need to replace the Bumps rule, with the conditionals below.

In the conditional rule, you’ll need to reference existing object traits (variables) to tell when the cars have collided. Give it some thought…


Ah yes. Ok. Maybe when their positions are the same the car dies. But then the 2D car would need to be in the MIDDLE of the 3D Car to kill it so no…


I’ll figure something out, I guess


You’re on the right track :smiley:

So… how much would the 2D car need to the left or right of the center of the 3D to be touching… Hint: the conditional will have these < >


I thought it would use less than and greater than.

The only thing I can think to do is check if it’s less than or greater than 3D car’s position +/- 3D Car’s width but Hopscotch won’t tell me the width of the car…


Hint: check out my Pokemon game and go to the text: ‘you; red’ and the first rule is a detoured bumps rule.


You two and your “Hints”…

;D okay


This is pretty cool! Sadly I can’t play… good luck on the project!