3D Car Simulator- Released (by JojoDude)



Hi @awesomeonion, I just tried Jojo’s project a couple times. Unfortunately, now it’s worse than before. Yesterday, I could play the project though to the end once. The crash would occur on the 2nd attempt after a restart. Now I can not play the project though to completion without a crash.

Just to confirm (since I’m sure you get tagged a lot), did you see my additional comments above?


Might the change only work with new projects?

I created a new project and re-ran the baseline tests documented in this topic.

Instead of about 60 sec to crash, it ran about 6 minutes!

Now, I did uninstall & reinstall the app a couple days ago. Jojo’s project ran longer before crashing after that. So the 6x increase is either due to the reinstall, your recent change to the player, or a combination thereof. I don’t have metrics, but I don’t think the reinstall alone produced a 6x improvement.


:+1: I think the 6 minutes was my fix!


Wow that’s amazing! But does it work for projects already published? @Awesomeonion, I & a few others have tagged you in a particular topic regarding a possible problem which is occurring due to the edits.



After following @ThinBuffalo’s instructions and awaiting for @awesomeonion to make changes to the player, I’ve found that the latest update has some issues.

The 1/2 hand-mode setting doesn’t work anymore. I press it and the hands don’t switch text.

The car has a delayed building time. This is a real bummer as one of the things I was most proud of in the game was that the car built itself faster than @MagmaPOP’s one.

The points don’t appear on screen in the top right anymore and the word “Level” is gone too.

Any idea of what happened?

@ThinBuffalo, is the old version still working? Should I switch back to that?


The player has a bug now that causes Text Set to sometimes not change the text. We have to wait for awesomeonion to fix it.


Ah, ok.

Thanks for letting me know.

By the way, JojoDude is my HS and old forum account but I use @Jojo now.

As this is my topic, I’m notified anyway but just in case you try to tag me somewhere else, this is the account to do it on :grin:


I just saw, on a different topic, that awesomeonion already rolled back the player to the prior version.

I just tested and Set Text again works as expected. Are you still having the problem with missing texts or texts that don’t change?


I’ll check now.


I don’t know that “1/2 hand mode” was, but with the last link just above I see “Level” and the points. And it even plays longer. The code changes much have helped :+1:



It’s all fixed. Thanks @ThinBuffalo and @awesomeonion


1/2 handed mode is in Settings.


Maybe build the car when the project starts and use set color


Hmmm, so it appears that Awesomeonion will have to think of a different way rather than waits. I’ll think about something.

I’m thinking of an automated refreshment when a project is played. I notice that a few refreshes fix up bugs.


It wouldn’t work that way.

The colour needs to be set before hand otherwise the windows would mess up since they need to be a different colour.

If a put a repeat forever on the windows, it’ll glitch out too much.

Plus, I think it’s pretty cool how the car that you chose the colour of builds in front of you.


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The game is pretty cool! But I think you can use dynamic trail art technique to make the road moving.
I lost on level 5


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