3D Animated Pokemon Battle?


Howdy! I think you’re all aware of my recent game

It’s pretty much the same as Pokemon Generation 3 ish. (Referring to the graphics)

Now let’s go to generation 10! (There is none, but I’m hoping that battling will be like the anime then)
So think of the anime - and think of a battle. Do you think it’s possible to do this? All the animations would be difficult… and the sprites would have to be so small.

Please share your opinions, and @ThinBuffalo do you think the JSON capacity could hold such small sprites I’m going to proceed with. I need someone to do the math.





No subscription.


I wish there wasn’t a clone limit, then we could make some really awesome semi-3d graphics :D

Oh yeah


I don’t think this would be possible but we can trying:DD


It is possible. Anything is. If it isn’t I may just increase the sprites.


Do you have any pictures of what you’re trying to make?


A demo of a battle. I do all the exact movements myself. The viewer just views the project without doing anything. I’m going to replicate a battle with graphics like this:

Worst case scenario increase Unicode text size

(The image won’t load hold on) @Stradyvarious you may be interested




Will it be shape art, trails or pixels?


I’m trying to do something similar but with Puzzles and Dragons.


I’m thinking dynamic trail art.


Isn’t dynamic Trail art made by cloning and then having the clones draw their own thing? And when you time it correctly it looks like it is animated?


Hey guess what. I don’t know. I have to learn


It would be a learning experience for me too



Basically, the Order the clones are in is the layer, so the original object I should the background. They’re all drawing in repeat forevers


Yeah, that is what I was thinking, but it means you have to make simple characters


Not necessarily


It would be harder to make more complicated ones


Uhh, maybe not and that’s not Pokemon.


So, because in your game you have two battling pokemon, how will this work? Will one move or will they both move?