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3D Games And Augmented Reality

2D Games Are Amazing But With Everyone's Growing Knowedge On Hopscotch Were Starting To Push The Limit On Hopscotch To The Third Dimension!

If You Would Like To Start Helping Make Concepts And Find Techniques To Make 3D Games Then Start The Conversation Here.

•We Need To Work Together To Find What Works The Best To Make 3rd Dimension Games

•Post Links, Gif, Photos, Tutorials Or Ask Questions Relating To The Topic!

Goodluck Everyone Together Will Make 3D Games And Augmented Reality Games The Next Normal Type Of Gameplay On Hopscotch!



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We've done 3D stuff since 2015.


That would be cool


Is this like a collab or.....?


Well I plan on making it a group maybe but we need to start figuring this out where it's a common concept yes peoplenhave been doing it for awhile but Only like 5% of hopscotchs games are 3d because most people don't know how to do it. @Petrichor


@LegendOfFriday means first person perspective 3D games @Petrichor


The Third Dimension Team


Yea and I mean I'm not just talking about this cause of my new game but for real we are opening up so many more doors now with these things


I'll get the group made


Starting with the rollercoaster​:nerd:


@t1_hopscotch can you make us a group called The3rdDimension

Open for everyone to join and make me the owner then will go from there I think?


The Fourth Dimension Team


It's extremely easy.


No that would include smells and taste


I tried to make one of those. I got lazy.


Not necessarily. Fourth dimensional math is crazy awesome

Technically, augmented reality uses a camera and adds stuff to the world. Virtual Reality is all of the things you are seeing are virtual


Well I didn't wanna say vr because it's nothing like Reality yet


But the game I made uses the phones tilt to move around so I assumed it was more like aug then vr


Tilting has nothing to do with whether it's AR or VR

AR is augmented, which means you are seeing the actual world, with stuff added on it (makes you less dizzy :sweat_smile:)

VR is virtual, it's a completely virtual world, but still has the same physics as the real one. Just a bunch of cool screens showing you virtual stuff


Oops lol well I hope o one else notices that mistake