361 Neon Color Drawing Pad Collab! (BIGEST COLLAB EVER!) (15 SPOTS LEFT!)


Hey Guys, A 100 Color Drawing Pad Collab Just Started Up In The Fourm, And I Want More Colors In Mine! So Come Up Here And Help Me With This Awesome Project!


Me join Me join Me join!


@Pokemon101, you may want to do something different. Most people are already helping in other collabs making the same thing.


Okay, @Curved_Guitar.


You could make a drawing pad with lots of different effects.
Like if you have the trail forever set position to last touch x-y position a straight line will be drawn from the previous place you touched to the current place you touch.
And have squares/circles/triangles to tap that make a circle/square/triangle auto draw on the screen where you touch.
Just some ideas to have features other drawing pads don't


There is a drawing app out there, HSB color finder??? Um, anyway, it has every color. It has a color wheel and all, maybe we should create that! It uses so much variables, but it is super cool!


How? I am trying HSB but it will not work?


Me plz!!!!!!