32 Facts About Me. Please feel free to ask questions!


  1. I'm a girl
  2. I have just done my 11+
  3. I find life very confusing.
  4. I have arguments everyday with my frens.
  5. I don't like Mother Nature- she is quite mean
  6. I love my friends (not in that way.)
  7. My favourite book is the hypnotist by Laurence Anholt
  8. My fave emojis are: :ok_hand::joy::sparkling_heart:
  9. I'm confused about life
  10. I don't get why I am living on earth right now.
  11. I'm really happy today
  12. I have a secret diary
  13. I'm scared.
  14. I have musical.ly
  15. I have been to one concert in my life
  16. I know nothing about anime
  17. I'm really approachable irl
  18. I have a 'thing' for emotional talking
  19. I'm quite weird
  20. I live in London
  21. I would love to go to Germany and study philosophy there.
  22. My fave subjects are history and philosophy
  23. I go to debating society.
  24. I'm really different forum VS irl
  25. Idk what to write
  26. I'm a lucid dreamer
  27. I love dreams so much...
  28. I have a dream diary.
  29. I play the cello
  30. I sing.
  31. I'm quite self-conscious
  32. I'll update this!


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If u update this, then you'll have to change the title.