300 followers on hopscotch. Thnx Team


YAY!! I reached my goal of 300 followers in 6 months. Thank you all soooo much for all the support.


Ho did you know how many followers you have? That's a lot!


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And show how many remixes on projects too!


How do you know?!



I know because I have a project in my drafts so when I get a follower I add one to it.


thts pretty smart @Bubblyoreo


Thank you @SnowGirl_Studios


Now I have 350! Thanks everyone. I have also been getting spams of likes


I now have 375. Thank you everyone :slightly_smiling:


Sorry, I can't find you?, is it you with a space or with no space, @Bubblyoreo


It's with a space............


(Not bragging) Lol I Got 500 followers in 1 week. Do you want a shoutout, bubblyoreo? I think your projects are great!


A shoutout for me would be nice! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Just kidding, it's not necessary. :wink:


Ok, should I change the winner? And I made a shoutout to you a long time ago (check my 3rd or 4th amazing Hopscotchers)


NUUU! Keep it as me!! :grin:


Ok. Your prize is a illuminati, music request or shoutout.

Illuminati can be anyone

Music can be any music that I can recognize lol


Hmm... Illuminati MobCraft or Valgo :zap::zap::zap:! :smile:


Alright! I'll do @MobCraft since he did one for me. I'll post the link when I finish it. (Next week)


Okay! Send me the link when you're done please! :wink: