300 days on the forum!


I'm on the final 65 day stretch to getting the Anniversary badge!

I've come a long way from the beginning!

I've seen the forum grow (and sometimes shrivel up) a lot from a tiny community to a giant bustling community, full of kind and helpful guys like you!

Evidently, I would like to thank you guys for helping me along the way! :grinning:


Cool! Congrats on your anniversary! :smile:

Kind of off topic

You joined on my mom's birthday :0


October 8 is your mom's birthday? Sweet!
Mine's is the 19th.
Anyways, LGBOT!


Yup :0

Yeah, LGBOT!


Yay congrats on your dreihundertste day!!


Congratulations! :D


Cool and congratulations on your anniversary @MobCraft!:grinning::tada::tada::tada:


yay for @MobCraft


Thanks guys! I appreciate it.



CONGRATS! :smiley::tada:
Did you enjoy your 300 days?


your welcome, @MobCraft.


Yup I sure did :smiley:


I've only been on Forum fir 100+ days (・ω・)ノ