300 Days on the forum! Party + contest!



My days visited counter is now on 300. And I want to thank you all.
I joined the forum when it was new, about two years ago. I looked at a few topics and wrote a few replies. That was it. For a very long time, I continued with Hopscotch but I forgot about the forum. When I was back from a trip with my class I had two days without school. No one was home. I looked at Hopscotch and I found a project about the forum. So, I decided to try it once again. I got a good welcome from the best community ever. Without you, I wouldn´t have answers to my coding questions. I wouldn´t have gotten feedback. And I wouldn´t have gotten so many good friends. So thank you all so much. I´ll be here every day and I know that the community will be there. Thank you everyone!

Today, I will host a big contest. Here is some information:

Coding Contest!

This is a contest where you will be making projects.
What I like about Hopscotch is that you can make whatever you want, so the project doesn´t have to be related to a theme.
The community will vote for the winning project and I will also accept two judges.
Post a link to your project and your Hopscotch name. Everyone that´s in the contest will get 10 likes. The last day for posting an entry is 27th February, so you have four weeks for making projects!

Once again, thank you all for making this forum great!

Topic of Comps!

First post and happy 300th forum birthday :tada:


First like. I came to say congrarulations with 300 days on the forum.


What is your favorite color @William04GamerA


It is blue.



Wow! That is amazing! Thank you so much for making it, I´ll add it to the contest (if you want).




My counter is 45 :confused:


You are soon at 50, that's not bad!


Happy three hundredth!

Mine was yesterday :00




Happy 300th day! Do you want an art request, as a present from me?


Happy 300th forum day. I've an idea for a project to the contest.


Thanks everyone for congratulating me!
@KVJ congratulations, even if I am two days late
@BellaWafflez17 Yes, that would be cool! Maybe you could draw this:


Congratulations on reaching your 300th day! :smiley:


Thank you! What´s your "day counter" at?


I have 387 days visited. ^^


Cool! That´s a lot! :smiley:


Awesome! I can draw that.