30 Day Positivity Challenge!


Once upon a time, a coder named Serenity saw a flame war erupt on Hopscotch.

Serenity thought, Gee, this place could always use a little bit more kindness!

From this thought, the idea for the 30 Day Positivity Challenge was born.

This challenge alternates between real-world positive challenges, and Hopscotch or HSF Challenges. I hope I'll have some friends participating with me! (I'm starting on the 25th of August when I get Hopscotch back. But that's for a different topic.)

This topic is where, after we do a challenge, we talk about what we did specifically and how it made us feel inside! When we finish the challenge, we can also post the link to our coded banner here.

The Prompts:
  1. Hold the door for someone.
  2. Find thirty good projects that aren't by super-popular Hopscotchers. Like them!
  3. Smile at a stranger. (This might sound creepy, but people appreciate it when you smile at them!)
  4. Find a random project. Give the Hopscotcher who made it some advice on how to make it better!
  5. Compliment someone you don't talk to often.
  6. Give a warm welcome to a new Hopscotcher!
  7. Thank your parents for something (or everything!).
  8. Make a shoutout to a Hopscotcher who isn't well known, but deserves it.
  9. Don't get into an argument with anyone all day.
  10. Make a fan account for a Hopscotcher who doesn't have one.
  11. When an employee does something for you that involves doing their job, thank them.
  12. Publish a project with a heartwarming quote.
  13. Go out of your way to be nice to a sibling or classmate (or both!).
  14. Go follow some awesome people!
  15. Do something productive around the house without being asked.
  16. Send a virtual hug to someone (either on the forum with a virtual hug gif or on Hopscotch with my project!).
  17. Make a card for someone, for no particular reason other than to tell them they're awesome.
  18. Answer someone's question on the forum!
  19. Help your parents or siblings with something.
  20. Find the bright side of someone on Hopscotch and tell them how great they are.
  21. Give someone a real life hug.
  22. Dedicate a project to someone.
  23. Tell your friend how much you care about him/her.
  24. Try out a new code.
  25. Try something new.
  26. Make a tutorial on the forum.
  27. Give something to someone.
  28. Make a sad Hopscotcher feel better.
  29. Practice a sport/musical instrument without being asked.
  30. Code a banner for the completion of the challenge!
Tagging Art Frens (because kindness is a very difficult art to master)

The following people will be tagged when Serenity posts art stuffs.
Feel free to add yourself in the "Make a Tag List!" topic!"

I hope you'll participate!


I'll try and participate! :D

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WOWZA! I'll hopefully try to do this! :blush:


I'll try to participate!


This is awesome! I'll try to do it. :D


Very awesome! Small things that makes a big difference... I'll try to participate!

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Great idea! I'll try to do this. :D
Maybe you could make another positivity challenge every month?


This seems like hard work! But I'll try! :smiley:

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This is awesome! I'll try to do it!

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reviving old dead topics let's go

Disclaimer: Please don't be offended if you don't practice religion, or are not of the same religion as I am. This is merely a suggestion!

Anyway, the Christian season of Lent is coming up, and Pope Francis has recently made a suggestion that instead of giving up something this year, we should all try to do something kind. I immediately thought of this challenge, and even though it's onlty thirty items long, I can make forty if anyone would like to use it. I know I will be using it for Lent this year!

Tagging Art Frens

The following people will be tagged when Serenity posts art stuffs.
Feel free to add yourself in the "Make a Tag List!" topic!


I'll try to participate! :D


This sounds amazing! I was just trying to do the first prompt but someone else beat me to it XD


This is a great idea! :D


This challenge is really awesome, and I am for sure gonna do this :grinning:

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Okie! I'll start tomorrow!

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I'm participating! I like the idea of this.

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